WIP Wednesday, 8/7/2013: See How We Are


I have four more inches of ribbing before I can bind off.  The sweater fits me perfectly and looks gorgeous, but man oh man can it be kind of monotonous sometimes. 

In unrelated news, I’m psyched to see how many people liked my previous post about podcasting!  Knowing that there’s a small audience out there for such a thing has made me more interested in doing it.  As I previously mentioned, I’m about 60% through my current draft of The Novel.  My goal is to complete this draft by 31 August, and lord knows I’ll need something to keep me occupied while I get this back out to readers.  Stay tuned. 


WIP Wednesday: Look how far we’ve come!

Whence last we left Saucy, she was but a short strip of tightly-knit red seed stitch.  Look at her now!  



I am about one row from working the boob vent.  Will I be done with her this weekend?  One can hope!  

WIP Wednesday. 24 July 2013: At home, at work, at plaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

(Gentleman Caller and I are going to see Sparks the day before Halloween, OMG)

I finished the tee shirt on Saturday and started swatching for my next project on Sunday.


This is the collar for Saucy Librarian, a top-down sweater.  I’m knitting Saucy from some Classic Elite Seedling in Salvia Red that I bought from Yarns in the Farms in Beverly on my DIY Yarn Crawl.


I’m also working on a THING for a PERSON in a knitswap, which has been my on-the-go knitting.

WIP Wednesday, 7/17/13: Shocking grapefruit vomit pink

It’s been a long week.  Keeping it brief: 


This is the sweater I started last week.  Since I took this picture, I finished the shoulders, started the front, and gotten through all the arm shaping.  



While working on this, I made a ton of mods.  

– All the waist shaping was moved further inside the body of the sweater, so it looks like princess seams

– I made a short-row boob vent at the appropriate place

– When I worked the shoulders, I also worked short rows so that I didn’t have the stairstep problem that comes with binding off

– I kept live all the stitches that I would have to pick up for the sleeves and the neckline


This might be finished by the weekend…!  

WIP Weds, 10 July 2013: Sundial Tee, bottom hem



Someday, this reverse stockinette hem will grow up to become the Sundial Tee (Raveled) from the Summer 2013 issue of Knitscene.  I spent Monday making a kid-sized chemo cap/gauge swatch, came up with 20-ish stitches to the inch, and after some calculations opted to follow the directions for the XS sized top.  I’m working with Cascade Ultra Pima yarn in a bubblegum pink color.  


I finished casting on last night while watching The Age of Innocence (as a supplement to the current CraftLit book) and I am now about four or five rows in.  Gentleman Caller and I are going to NYC this weekend and I’m looking forward to getting some knitting time in on the bus down.  

Almost Done! WIP Wednesday, 6/12/13

I have no fewer than three WIPs going, four if you count the Nachtfalder for which I swatched yesterday.  One of my WIPs is for a swap, and I can’t show it to you yet.  As for the other two…


ImageSo this is the Sangria Shrug.  If this hadn’t outgrown my bag I might have have finished it by now.  I’m on the second button band and should finish this tonight or tomorrow.  Hoping for an FO in time for FO Friday…


ImageI started the first sleeve on Saturday while watching Science is Fiction, a series of short films from the 1920s that Yo La Tengo scored.  This is temporarily on the back burner while I complete the shrug, but I should have this done in time for next Friday!