I’m calling this a cheat because I actually finished the socks in question on my way into work today.


These are Sarah Wilson‘s Honeycomb Socks, a free pattern I got from Ravelry.  I love Sarah’s retro details and body-con silhouette, but until I saw this pattern I never thought to make a pair of socks.  Clearly I was missing out.  The pattern was relatively easy (more on that in a minute) and has a great texture but also allows the yarn to shine.


This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but sometimes when I’m knitting seed stitch (which this pattern resembles), I lose my place and knit two stitches in a row, rendering my work into single rib.  I made a mistake in a few rows of slipping two stitches in a row, but those were so tiny that I couldn’t pick it up on my camera.

And now, a few words about the yarn.  I knit this from Wandering Wool, a DC-area hand-dyed company whose yarn I bought at Loop DC when I went to our nation’s capitol in January.  The colorway was called Strawberries and Cream, but seeing all that crimson and white in skein form made my brain go in a different direction.

By the way, I'm writing this on my lunch break from work.  You'll just have to use your imagination.

By the way, I’m writing this on my lunch break from work. You’ll just have to use your imagination.

I kept thinking of these as the yarn dyed from blood and BRAAAAAAAINS, knit with spare bones, to celebrate the end of the zombie apocalypse.

Next on the needles: Mirror by Josiah Bain, who will be pleased to learn that I’m knitting this from yarn inspired by Sherlock’s purple shirt.


At long last…FO Friday, 21 June 2013

ImageEarlier this week I bound off the last stitch on my Miss Holloway (Raveled) dress.  What a relief!  I thought it would never end.  All that purling! 

When I cast on for this dress, I asked in an internet forum about whether anyone had knit this in the round.  As if on cue, a seaming enthusiast came out of the woodwork to tell me “oh, the designer usually makes things in the round, and seams stabilize a garment, and you should really knit this flat because of reasons”.  And, well, those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by someone doing it. 

ImageTo replicate seams I slipped the stitches on the far left and right of each side.  I worked the traveling cables with 12 rows between them.  Instead of bust darts, I did work a “butt vent” — a series of short rows over, well, the obvious part of my anatomy, to accomodate my swayback.  Because of the cable placement I worked the increases and decreases close to the side “seams”. 

I knit this from worsted weight yarn, which is heavier than what Sarah Wilson used in her samples.  This meant that I had to knit the XS size.  I had to rip back the back neckline a few times to get the right width.  The only thing I don’t love about this is that I have a slight dropped shoulder with the sleeves.  Apart from that, I love this dress. 


Almost Done! WIP Wednesday, 6/12/13

I have no fewer than three WIPs going, four if you count the Nachtfalder for which I swatched yesterday.  One of my WIPs is for a swap, and I can’t show it to you yet.  As for the other two…


ImageSo this is the Sangria Shrug.  If this hadn’t outgrown my bag I might have have finished it by now.  I’m on the second button band and should finish this tonight or tomorrow.  Hoping for an FO in time for FO Friday…


ImageI started the first sleeve on Saturday while watching Science is Fiction, a series of short films from the 1920s that Yo La Tengo scored.  This is temporarily on the back burner while I complete the shrug, but I should have this done in time for next Friday! 

WIP Weds, 5/22/13: Miss Holloway’s Dress

ImageMiss Holloway’s Dress

Designed by Sarah Wilson

Knit with Reynolds Fifth Avenue

Size XS (see notes)

I’m a big fan of the up-and-coming singer/songwriter Carla Morrison, but writing about her style feels reductive and a little insulting when you consider all the awesome things she’s done.  She’s released two albums of beautiful and poignant music, she’s collaborated with some badass female musicians, and she’s politically active for gay rights and suffrage in her home country, Mexico.  That said, I love her personal style — she looks classy and adorable in her uniform of tunics, leggings, and ballet flats. 


When I saw the Miss Holloway pattern, the flat knitting scared me off, until I read some of the modifications on Ravelry.  The coral-colored silk/wool I acquired at a destash party made me think of Carla’s dress from the “Una Salida” video, and off I went to swatch and cast on. 


Because I’m working with heavier yarn, I’m knitting the XS size, and I cast on fewer stitches for the back.  So far I’ve made the yoke, joined for knitting in the round, worked the waist decreases, and done two cable pattern repeats.  This is my mindless ‘Doctor Who’ knitting, and I’m hoping it will be complete within the next week or two.