WIP WESNDESDAY: Balsam Hollow shawl

Almost done with this pattern repeat, oh em gee

About 75% or so done with the Balsam Hollow shawl.  Knit with Cascade Heritage in Christmas Green that I bought off someone on Ravelry.  Lace pattern the first is almost done.  Knit with interchangeable needles, one 4 and one 5 on this stockinette section.  Nothing else of note.  Nothing to see here, move along.



FO FRIDAY: Trillian is done

2008-01-01 00.00.00-12008-01-01 00.00.00-2

My face is still swollen from the dental work I had done yesterday, so I was unable to get a picture of myself wearing this gorgeous thing.  I’m throwing it around my neck like a long, drapey necklace, and I hope it doesn’t look too much like a nursing bib.  Ravelry page TK.

WIP WEDNESDAY: ‘Vog On, preparing to turn the heel of

When Windsor Button had their liquidation sale a few years ago, I bought two skeins of Plymouth Happy Feet in the Reds colorway.  My intention was to use that as the accent color in what would become my Lipstick Traces socks.  Either I overestimated the amount of yarn I needed or I figured I’d stock up — since the yarns were at that point 40% off — and when I finally finished those socks, I found myself with enough yarn for another pair.

2008-01-01 00.00.00-11

Since I had three-quarters of a skein on me and a size 0 needle, why not just cast on as soon as I bound off the previous pair?  Why not, indeed.  I’m knitting these from Knitty’s Vog On pattern.  I started these on Monday night and already I’m almost up to the heel.

Fun fact: Vog On was the first pair of socks I knit for myself.  I’d made several pairs of socks for Gentleman Caller, but since I wore a lot of skirts I didn’t see the point of making socks I could wear.  Now that I’m wearing a lot of pants, knitting myself some nice pairs of socks has become a priority for me.  Plus, they’re portable and easy (ish) to knit while sitting in meetings or doctor’s appointments.

FO FRIDAY: Girl, that’s not your hat

A while back I tried to make Sarah Wilson’s Chi-Chi Slouchy Beret.

2008-01-01 00.00.00-4

This was one of the more unflattering hats I’ve ever made.  I hadn’t read the pattern closely enough to see that I needed to knit the band on smaller needles; the lace pattern wasn’t as easily memorized as I thought, and the hat came out looking poufy and weird.

I had half a mind to frog it and make something new, but when my pal Jen told me she was looking for hats for a hat drive at work, I figured I’d throw this into the ring.  It will look great on someone, but that someone isn’t me.

As a side note, I met Jen while working at my former office, which I have come to refer to as the Big Hellmouth.  The head of my former department is coordinating the hat drive.  The thought of someone who treated me with such contempt taking in something I made fills me with a little unpleasant glee.

WIP WEDNESDAY: The curse of Edna Mode

So remember the capelet I was working on a fortnight ago?  Yeah, I kind of misread the pattern.  It only occurred to me that I needed to increase on both sides of the ribbed border after I had knit 20 rows.  I’d been jonesing for a few smaller projects and decided to put that away for a bit so I could knit up some gift yarn into a shawl.

2007-12-31 23.00.00-21

This is Trillian, one of the Douglas Adams-inspired shawls that Martina Behm designed.  It’s easy enough to knit during conference calls and meetings, which is advantageous since I just took on some new responsibilities at my job.  I love how the yarn (Valley Yarns Charlemont in burgundy) knits up.  It has great drape and doesn’t pool excessively, and it has great stitch definition.

Me being me, however, I can’t help but make some mistakes.

Spot the misplaced purl bump in this picture.

Spot the misplaced purl bump in this picture.

I’m working with metal needles, which I don’t normally do because the stitches tend to fall off the needle if I stop in the middle of the row.  I thought I’d gotten all the stitches back on the needle in their correct condition, but, well…

2007-12-31 23.00.00-20
I’m hoping to complete this within the next week or so, both because I’d like to work on something a skosh more challenging and because I want to have something new for FO Friday next week.  Stay tuned…