WIP WEDNESDAY: Slow motion replay


So, about that shawl…I realized midway through the last pattern repeat that I had royally fucked up the lace pattern on the last leaf before the center stitch markers and the last leaf of the row.  I was unhappy with how it looked, so I ripped out fifteen rows of lace and started knitting again.

One of the “mistakes” I made in the previous iteration gave the leaves a nice curve at the top, and when I started working on this again I couldn’t figure out how I made that mistake.  So I have more angular leaves.  Next time I work a pattern like this, I’m taking notes.  #themoreyouknow

Sadly, the leaves at the ends of the rows are still ugly.

P1010475 P1010476


WIP WESNDESDAY: Balsam Hollow shawl

Almost done with this pattern repeat, oh em gee

About 75% or so done with the Balsam Hollow shawl.  Knit with Cascade Heritage in Christmas Green that I bought off someone on Ravelry.  Lace pattern the first is almost done.  Knit with interchangeable needles, one 4 and one 5 on this stockinette section.  Nothing else of note.  Nothing to see here, move along.


WIP WEDNESDAY: The curse of Edna Mode

So remember the capelet I was working on a fortnight ago?  Yeah, I kind of misread the pattern.  It only occurred to me that I needed to increase on both sides of the ribbed border after I had knit 20 rows.  I’d been jonesing for a few smaller projects and decided to put that away for a bit so I could knit up some gift yarn into a shawl.

2007-12-31 23.00.00-21

This is Trillian, one of the Douglas Adams-inspired shawls that Martina Behm designed.  It’s easy enough to knit during conference calls and meetings, which is advantageous since I just took on some new responsibilities at my job.  I love how the yarn (Valley Yarns Charlemont in burgundy) knits up.  It has great drape and doesn’t pool excessively, and it has great stitch definition.

Me being me, however, I can’t help but make some mistakes.

Spot the misplaced purl bump in this picture.

Spot the misplaced purl bump in this picture.

I’m working with metal needles, which I don’t normally do because the stitches tend to fall off the needle if I stop in the middle of the row.  I thought I’d gotten all the stitches back on the needle in their correct condition, but, well…

2007-12-31 23.00.00-20
I’m hoping to complete this within the next week or so, both because I’d like to work on something a skosh more challenging and because I want to have something new for FO Friday next week.  Stay tuned…