WIP WEDNESDAY: Slow motion replay


So, about that shawl…I realized midway through the last pattern repeat that I had royally fucked up the lace pattern on the last leaf before the center stitch markers and the last leaf of the row.  I was unhappy with how it looked, so I ripped out fifteen rows of lace and started knitting again.

One of the “mistakes” I made in the previous iteration gave the leaves a nice curve at the top, and when I started working on this again I couldn’t figure out how I made that mistake.  So I have more angular leaves.  Next time I work a pattern like this, I’m taking notes.  #themoreyouknow

Sadly, the leaves at the ends of the rows are still ugly.

P1010475 P1010476


WIP WESNDESDAY: Balsam Hollow shawl

Almost done with this pattern repeat, oh em gee

About 75% or so done with the Balsam Hollow shawl.  Knit with Cascade Heritage in Christmas Green that I bought off someone on Ravelry.  Lace pattern the first is almost done.  Knit with interchangeable needles, one 4 and one 5 on this stockinette section.  Nothing else of note.  Nothing to see here, move along.


FO FRIDAY: Lipstick Traces

I finished the Lipstick Traces socks last week, and I first wore them out of the house on Tuesday.  They are comfortable and look cute…in fact, they match my Rosie the Riveter romper.


Apart from knitting them toe up, the only other modification I made was to ditch the row of red above the ribbing.


Knit from Cascade Heritage yarn in gray and Plymouth Happy Feet in red.  Raveled.

WIP WEDNESDAY: Lipstick traces

For my AmeriCorps chapter, this week is “Spirit Week” — a five-day period of reconnecting with our cohort for revelry and event planning.  I knew I’d be spending long periods in lectures and small group meetings, and that I’d find many of the activities stressful and frustrating.  Knowing that I’d need a cognitive anchor to help me stay sane, I packed some sock yarn that I’d stashed a few years ago and set to work on Ann Weaver’s New Boots and Contracts sock pattern.

"What are these socks doing here?"  "I'll tell you later."

“What are these socks doing here?” “I’ll tell you later.”

I’d stashed for this a while ago.  Given the yarn colors I’d chosen and the pattern’s connection to The Clash, I assumed these socks would carry me through revisions on my novel.  (The protagonist, Sally Darling, wears a lot of red and gray, and her favorite album is London Calling.)  Instead, I held off until another high-activity period.

The slipper fits!

The slipper fits!

I converted these into a toe-up pattern on the fly and made a short-row heel flap and gussets.  With the decreases, I only worked the slipped-stitch pattern on the front while working the gusset.  While I like to check how my garments fit as I’m making them, I also hate how my Kitchner stitches look and feel.  I’m pretty happy with how these turned out.

Ankle vent.

Ankle vent.

I love how the contrasting color looks like lipstick swatches in those rows.  These are going to keep me warm and look cute this winter!