FO FRIDAY: Trillian is done

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My face is still swollen from the dental work I had done yesterday, so I was unable to get a picture of myself wearing this gorgeous thing.  I’m throwing it around my neck like a long, drapey necklace, and I hope it doesn’t look too much like a nursing bib.  Ravelry page TK.


FO FRIDAY: Hollywood Boulevard, or May Contain Traces of Shirley Kurata

I felt pretty frustrated midway through the scallop stitch pattern on the failed capelet, and once I took that off the needles I decided to work on some smaller projects.  A while ago I got Alex Tinlsey’s Hollywood Blvd. tam pattern as a gift, and once I found three skeins of Plymouth Suri Merino I knew I had to finally cast on.

The hat went everywhere with me, from doctor’s appointments to concerts by The Damned.



While the brim took about a day or two to knit, working the star lace pattern proved a little more challenging.  I got tripped up on the [k1, p1] ten times direction and only worked the ribbing over ten stitches, only to realize that I actually had to knit ribbing over twenty stitches.  Reading comprehension is not always my strong suit, what can I say.

Once I got past that, I made short work of the project, and it’s been on my head ever since.

The fruits of my labor.

The fruits of my labor.

While I’m proud of my work and wear my hat proudly, there are definitely things I’d do differently.  I’d hoped for something shaped like a beret, with a tighter hatband and a floppier head.  The hat has a baggier fit, closer to a beanie (and yes, I did get gauge).  If I were to knit this again I’d knit the first eight rows on a smaller needle and go up after that.

This hat matches my fall coat perfectly, and it will work great with my peacoat.  However, it also looks adorable with my day-to-day wear, which helps since I’m in a draftier building today.  Here I am emulating Rodarte stylist and all around rad lady Shirley Kurata.

skurata P1010441

Hat, Hollywood Blvd || Blouse, Heart of Haute || Skirt, Sandee Royalty || tights, Sock Dreams || shoes, Fluevog || necklace, gift

(yes, I know the proportions are off)

FO FRIDAY: Girl, that’s not your hat

A while back I tried to make Sarah Wilson’s Chi-Chi Slouchy Beret.

2008-01-01 00.00.00-4

This was one of the more unflattering hats I’ve ever made.  I hadn’t read the pattern closely enough to see that I needed to knit the band on smaller needles; the lace pattern wasn’t as easily memorized as I thought, and the hat came out looking poufy and weird.

I had half a mind to frog it and make something new, but when my pal Jen told me she was looking for hats for a hat drive at work, I figured I’d throw this into the ring.  It will look great on someone, but that someone isn’t me.

As a side note, I met Jen while working at my former office, which I have come to refer to as the Big Hellmouth.  The head of my former department is coordinating the hat drive.  The thought of someone who treated me with such contempt taking in something I made fills me with a little unpleasant glee.


It’s been about a week or so, but I TOTALLY FINISHED MIETTE, you guys.

This is the face of a content knitter.  Also, I need some concealer, stat.

This is the face of a content knitter. Also, I need some concealer, stat.

To my deep and abiding shame, I haven’t made a Ravelry page for this.  I knit up this free pattern from one of my favorite designers in recycled Spud & Chloe Sweater that I bought from Seed Stitch in Salem.  (That sound you just heard was Henry James rolling in his grave.)  It took about two weeks and change to knit.  I was really excited to learn another technique for darting.  While I haven’t sewn the buttons on, I’m looking forward to wearing this closed with some of my favorite skirts.

Oh, the rest of the outfit.  I’m wearing the Heart of Haute Roxie Dress in Constellations and an owl necklace from EsotErica Boutique.

FO FRIDAY: Aiken to be

Okay, so that subject would have been more appropriate before I bound off.  But still!

Cue the Paul Westerburg riffage

Cue the Paul Westerburg riffage

As I’ve mentioned a billion times before, this is Andi Satterlund‘s pattern Aiken, knit from the late, lamented Classic Elite Verde Woodland.  Size 38.  Modifications: short-row boob vent about 1″ below the armholes.

Oh, just hanging out with Don Draper.  You?

Oh, just hanging out with Don Draper. You?

Worn with: EsotErica Boutique earrings; Pinup Girl Clothing pedal pushers, and John Fluevog Operetta Malibrans in aqua.