[Real] Thursday Blogging: New Year’s Resolutions

In case you missed the previous post (or my Twitter, for that matter), today is my birthday.  I turned 101, or at least that’s how I feel.

Since my birthday comes in the middle of the year, I like to make my new year’s resolutions now.  I’m not going to post any of the “important” ones, in part because I don’t particularly want to leave my finance and job issues hanging out for everyone to see, and in part because I don’t want to give “thatkyliechick69” the satisfaction of knowing anything about my health goals.  (Ah, trolls.)

Anyway.  Some of my goals and plans for the following year include:

  • Finding a new job that starts once my contract at the Lab ends.  (Boston area, social media/marketing with a side of admin, nonprofit or academic preferred)
  • Night journaling
  • Getting more proficient at tap dance.  I’m doing well in class and have been practicing for 10 minutes a day, but I’d like to keep growing.
  • Cold Sheep at least for the summer months
  • Work towards the goal of recording a punk covers EP: figure out the skills I need to learn; transcribe the songs and learn the strums; record myself practicing
  • Put together a capsule wardrobe and do Project 333 (probably in the fall, when the weather and my life circumstances will have hopefully stabilized)
  • Blog 3-5 times a week
  • Work on making this blog look a little better
  • 52 in 52.

That last one might be confusing, so bear with me.  I want to get better at playing the ukulele, which requires practice and playing before an audience.  I’d like to learn 52 new songs and record myself playing them.  My goal is to get some footage of myself playing on my laptop and post it on YouTube every Thursday.

I posted my first two songs today.  Here’s my version of “I’ll Fly Away”, which holds the honor of being the first song I learned to play and sing on the ukulele that isn’t a Christmas song.

I’m hoping this won’t become an all-ukulele-all-the-time blog, but learning to play has been one of the great highlights of the past year.  My next song, a cover of September 67’s “Hazel Motes”, should be going up a week from today, I hope.

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