MONDAY BLOGGING: Scrounging for scraps

As you may know, dear reader, I’m working on a small home recording project in which I will cover ’80s punk songs on my uke (and other instruments).  I’m hoping to start posting some of the songs to Soundcloud in May.

For the “cover art”, I’d like to make amigurumi of the different bands I’m covering.  I have most of the yarn I’d need, but I don’t have any eyelash yarn for the hair.  I can’t justify purchasing an entire skein of eyelash when I need maybe 50 yards (this is a liberal estimate).  I’ve been contacting Ravelry users who list eyelash yarn among their sell/trade stash, but so far no one has responded to my messages.

This is where you come in.  Would any of you happen to have 25-50 yards of novelty yarn?  In particular, I’m looking for:

  • Dark brown eyelash
  • Black eyelash or chenille-textured yarn
  • Dark brown acrylic of the Red Heart variety

I’m more than happy to pay postage and work with you on a price for taking this off your hands.  If you don’t have any eyelash yarn, feel free to reblog and link to this post.  Thanks!

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