TUESDAY TUNES: In lieu of socks, a song

I cast on for Sarah Wilson’s Honey of a Hurricane socks today.  Sadly, my camera ran out of gas and I was unable to take a picture…so here’s another treat for you.

As my friends may know, I started taking ukulele lessons with Amy Kucharik in December.  I’ve been doing fairly well — if I do say so myself — and I’ve set myself a small goal: to record Straight Outta Lawndale, a ukulele tribute to SST Records.  Of the SST bands, my favorite is Husker Du, and I’m hoping to record two songs of theirs in the lab before the end of my service year.  Sadly, I can’t figure out how to embed this, but I made a little video of myself singing and playing “Flexible Flyer”.  (This is how it’s supposed to sound.)  This was my first video, and while it’s pretty rough around the edges — I struggle with the A# chord, and the phrasing can be a little awkward — I’m proud of the progress I’ve made over two months.  This can only get better from here, right?

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