WIP WEDNESDAY: Mad Men Mittens

Ever notice that learning a new hobby can inspire you to become adventurous in your other avocations?  Something about learning the ukulele has gotten me to look at knitting techniques that I’d previously written off as too difficult.  Case in point: colorwork.  We all have an intarsia project that took a wrong turn (at least, I hope we all do), and after my attempt at knitting a monogrammed bowling bag I had consigned all colorwork to a musty, holey shelf.  Of course, my love of Mad Men and my pile of scrap yarn made me reconsider Fair Isle.

I cast on for these on Friday morning, once I’d completed a previous hat.  By Sunday night, I’d finished the first mitten.  I definitely see some things I should have done differently with these.  I kind of almost wish I’d used the salmon pink yarn in place of the baby pink as the accent color in the middle, since the pale pink doesn’t pop against the white as much as I would have hoped.  Also, the decreases don’t line up along the sides of the mittens.  I will at least do the decreases differently on the second mitten.

The white, crimson, and baby pink yarns are Berrocco Ultra Alpaca.  The “Wes Anderson pink” is a semi-mystery Plymouth worsted alpaca that was discontinued when I bought it in 2009.  I knit these on an Addi size 3 needle.  Soon they will be Raveled.

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