TUESDAY TUNES: The Waitresses, “Christmas Wrapping”

One of my favorite bands of the New Wave era is the Waitresses, an innovative-yet-accessible ensemble known for a short run of novelty hits.  While the gossamer guitar runs and surrealistic lyrics of “Make The Weather” tugs at my heartstrings and the instrumental break in “Go On” blew my mind when I first heard it, I have to link to “Christmas Wrapping”.

I first heard this when I was in seventh grade.  The late, lamented WFNX played it with such frequency in the Christmas of my twelfth year that we were convinced it was a new song by the then-reunited Tom Tom Club.  Surprise!  It was actually several years old by the time I heard it.

While Patty Donahue has since gone on to the great Danceteria in the sky, Chris Butler has kept himself busy with some pretty fascinating work, including writing the world’s longest song, recording a series of EPs on early non-electric recording devices, and collaborating with Fluxus.  Always check out what he’s doing, because it will surprise you, make you think, and make you dance.

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