FO FRIDAY: Lipstick Traces

I finished the Lipstick Traces socks last week, and I first wore them out of the house on Tuesday.  They are comfortable and look cute…in fact, they match my Rosie the Riveter romper.


Apart from knitting them toe up, the only other modification I made was to ditch the row of red above the ribbing.


Knit from Cascade Heritage yarn in gray and Plymouth Happy Feet in red.  Raveled.


TUESDAY TUNES: Elvis Perkins, “Hogus Pogus”

I broadcast my love for Elvis Perkins around the internet at the tail end of the last decade.  (He was, after all, the first person to call me the Alpaca Queen.)  After his last tour for his previous album, however, he stepped out of the spotlight apart from the occasional appearances on compilations and opening spots for better-known artists.

Last week, the lead track for his new album, I Aubade, made the digital rounds.  It might not have been the biggest music news of the week, but it won my heart.

Ladies and gentlemen…“Hogus Pogus”.


What it is: The Sartorial Cowl by Star Athena

Why I made it: I found this handspun-looking yarn on the swap table at Common Cod a few years ago.  Intrigued by its production (windspun and dyed with natural dyes in Maine) and the gorgeous rusty shade, I brought home with me two fat skeins.  A few weeks later I found the Sartorial Cowl pattern, and bereft of anything else to knit, cast on.  The slightly thick-thin texture had a rustic look to it that I thought would work nicely with her more polished pattern.

2008-01-01 00.00.00
Assets and liabilities: The yarn texture outshone the stitch work.  I think this pattern needs a smoother fiber so that the stitches can really sing.

Frogging or donating? Frogging.  I’d like to make Alana Dakos‘s Sprig Cloche with the yarn.  That is, if I can find the woven-in ends…

Lessons learned: While I was making this I learned a lot about how to knit slipped stitches.  For a bigger picture lesson, I also figured out that knowing your yarn — and knowing whether it’s truly suitable for a pattern — is an important skill when sitting down to work on something.

WIP WEDNESDAY: ‘Vog On, preparing to turn the heel of

When Windsor Button had their liquidation sale a few years ago, I bought two skeins of Plymouth Happy Feet in the Reds colorway.  My intention was to use that as the accent color in what would become my Lipstick Traces socks.  Either I overestimated the amount of yarn I needed or I figured I’d stock up — since the yarns were at that point 40% off — and when I finally finished those socks, I found myself with enough yarn for another pair.

2008-01-01 00.00.00-11

Since I had three-quarters of a skein on me and a size 0 needle, why not just cast on as soon as I bound off the previous pair?  Why not, indeed.  I’m knitting these from Knitty’s Vog On pattern.  I started these on Monday night and already I’m almost up to the heel.

Fun fact: Vog On was the first pair of socks I knit for myself.  I’d made several pairs of socks for Gentleman Caller, but since I wore a lot of skirts I didn’t see the point of making socks I could wear.  Now that I’m wearing a lot of pants, knitting myself some nice pairs of socks has become a priority for me.  Plus, they’re portable and easy (ish) to knit while sitting in meetings or doctor’s appointments.

TUESDAY TUNES: “Uncontrollable Urge”, Devo

This weekend Gentleman Caller and I caught Urgh! A Music War at the Brattle.  Seeing it without commercial interruption or VHS tracking lines rolling across the screen was a strange experience, let me tell you.

I had somehow forgotten the greatness that is Devo’s “Uncontrollable Urge”, so here it is.