TUESDAY TUNES: La Santa Cecilia, “Monedita”

A few years ago I had to take Spanish to graduate college.  Subsequently, I started listening to a lot of Spanish-language rock to acclimate myself to the sound of the language.  Because the music is so good, I’ve continued this interest into the present day.

La Santa Cecilia is one of my favorite Latin-rock bands.  Their songs can be as festive as a parade or as solemn as a journal entry, and listening to how their sound has evolved and expanded has been one of the thrills of the late 2000s/early teens.  If you haven’t heard Treinta Dias, you’re missing a rare treat.  This morning I bring you “Monediita”, the first single from that album.

As a side note, La Marisoul is one of the most vocally and visually arresting frontpersons I’ve ever seen.  While she’s capable of the vocal triple axels germane to American Idol winners, she rarely uses them, and her phrasing and delivery bring out the humor and pathos of her lyrics without hitting listeners over the head.  She can go head-to-head with no less an elder statesman than Elvis Costello and come off like a worthy equal, a feat few can pull off.  Live, she has a great sense of visual style, not only sartorially (though her striped stockings, crinolines, and librarian glasses are to die for), but also in her spontaneous, swirly dance steps and wry stage patter.

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