On Sunday, I got to revisit Repo Man, a movie I like a lot. As any white suburban punk will tell you, the soundtrack is also a thing of beauty, but on this viewing, the contributions of Los Plugz stuck out at me.

I loved the cross-pollination of norteno technique (the polka-like rhythm and the horn section) and bristling punk energy. If my Spanish were a little better, I’d want to sing along, but all I could do was sway back and forth and nod my head.

Los Plugz have an interesting, eclectic history – their music appeared in Repo Man and New Wave Hookers, and they briefly served as Bob Dylan’s backup band. Their fearless leader Tito Larriva is still working to this day.

Unfortunately, Los Plugz’ albums are out of print (but easy to find if you know where to look ::ahem::).

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