WIP WEDNESDAY: Still pluggin’ away at Aiken


Since the last time I posted, I’ve picked up stitches for the armholes and finished one sleeve for Aiken, with another sleeve almost done.  I tried it on earlier today and it looks great on me.


After working on this sweater, I learned some things about knitting.  The big takeaway for me with this project is that manually picking up stitches is a good idea.  I kind of hate how my picked-up stitches look, and I try to work crochet cast-ons so that I can just work the live stitches instead of having an ugly line of picked-up stitches…but picking up the stitches gives me a nice seam to stabilize the garment and guide me in where to knit short rows for the sleeve cap.  Learn from my mistakes, kids.


I had to work a variation on Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off after going up three needle sizes and getting a weird bind-off.  I ended up ripping two rows back so that I had enough yarn to work the bind-off, and once again I hated how ugly it looks.  Hopefully it will all come out in the blocking.

(This work is setting off my word rep issues like you would not believe.  Copy editors unite!)

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