What is this, Old Home Week?  Two of my favorite bands of the college rock era are gracing the Boston area with their presence.

First is O Positive, a band beloved by a certain generation of Boston rock fans.  I’ve written at length about my love for their music, and whenever they play a reunion show I make a point of seeing them.  If you like jangly indie pop or have a soft spot for the Donnie Darko soundtrack, you owe it to yourself to check them out.  Here’s “Waited”, an unreleased track that sums up their sound pretty well.


Sadly, I will be unable to see Bob Mould play behind his latest album, Beauty & Ruin, at the Paradise on Thursday.  If O Pos were the soundtrack to my middle school years, Mould and his various bands — Sugar and Husker Du — found me during my high school years and refused to let go.  I feel really thankful that I had Mould and his cohorts to scream when I was unable to.  If you like feeling emotional, you can check out Mould’s appearance on WTF, or listen to Bob’s set from Bumbershoot last year.

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