Mothballin’ Monday: My failed attempt at the Chanel jacket

Back in the winter of 2008, I attempted to knit myself a Chanel-style jacket. Specifically, this one:


I bought French Girl Knits specifically for this pattern. Since I’d expected to work a bit longer at my then-office, I figured I should have a spring-weight cardigan that I could throw on when the spring weather got a little chilly. The side-to-side construction and lace pattern appealed to my process-knitter side, and I’d been waiting for a worthy project for the nubby silk-blend yarn I’d gotten as a Christmas gift. If I’m especially honest with myself, when I made this I was especially drawn to 1920s fashion…even though it didn’t flatter my short-waisted, bottom-heavy build. See?

Ceci n'est pas un cardigan de Chanel.

  Ceci n’est pas un cardigan de Chanel.

The verticals worked with my height (or lack thereof), the sleeves hit at a good place and could draw the eye to my waist, and the bright-but-not-eye-scalding color gave me a bit of a blush. That’s about all the good I can say about it, though. Drop shouldered sweaters really don’t work for me, especially with dolman sleeves, and the hem is neither short enough to show off my waist, nor is it a standard length. Also, the construction didn’t allow me to put in waist shaping, which meant that this looks shapeless on me.

Adding insult to injury, nubby silk-blend yarn is among the hardest fibers to frog. Since I haven’t worn this in at least two years, it’s going in the donation bin. I hope it’s a find for someone else.

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