BIG BOSS THURSDAYS: All Bakelite, all the time

Working at an academic press means that I can show up to work in my pajamas four days a week and no one will bat an eyelash.  On Thursdays, however, I must fold up the crust pants and wash off the space punk makeup, for the head of the department keeps office hours on “Little Friday”.  That’s right: Thursdays are Big Boss Days.

Yellow dress

Dress: Fashioned by Claire Evans, via Etsy ||  Bakelite bangles: Cambridge Antiques Market  || Shoes: Fluevog Mini Zaza

After I found my bandana dress on the Buffalo Exchange Airstream, I’ve kept an eye out for dresses from Fashioned By Claire Evans. The cut of the dress works with my figure and her novelty print game was on point. (If anyone sees this dress in the wild, let me know, K?)  Not only is Big Boss Lady in the office, but we’re having a luncheon in honor of our new grad students.  Celebrations all around, before the real work starts.

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