WIP Wednesday: Aiken

Aiken by Andi Satterlund
Knit with Classic Elite Verde Woodland (discontinued)

I bought this yarn for this purpose a while back. When I started re-watching Twin Peaks I wanted to recreate Audrey Horne’s wardrobe, starting with this sweater:



Isn't this sweater too dreamy?

Isn’t this sweater too dreamy?


Aiken was the most Audrey-like sweater I could find. I knew I wanted to knit it from something lofty, and I loved working with Woodland, but by the time I bought it, the olive green colorway was long sold out. This might have been for the best, since dark yellow-based greens tend to make me look like I have scurvy. Instead, I opted for a pretty, blue-based teal green.




The pattern works well for advanced beginners, or those who want to start working with lace. While the lace section isn’t too hard to execute, it does require close attention, so this might not be ideal for bus knitting (at least until you get past the top part).


There are some spare eyelets here.  Trust me.

There are some spare eyelets here. Trust me.

Modifications: I crochet cast-on for the top, both the collar and the shoulders, so that I could just work down from the live stitches. Sadly, I didn’t realized until a few days ago that the collar doesn’t have the ribbing or garter stitch. (Always read your patterns, kids.) Once I started knitting in the round I crochet cast-on for the underarms and worked a slipped stitch side seam. Finally, once I got to the widest part of the bust, I made darts (or as I like to pretend I call it, a “boob vent”) by working short rows.


As of today I am 1.5” from binding off the torso! Since I have a bunch of webinars to watch for work, I’m hoping to finish the sleeves in time for next week’s FO Friday.

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