Tuesday Tunes: The Replacements, “Swingin’ Party”

This Sunday night, I will be seeing a live band whose heyday I missed, who I always wanted to see, and who finally reunited to play some music festivals this year.  That band would be The Replacements.



When I was in middle school and just discovering music, bands like the ‘Mats were lauded in the alternative press and played on radio stations like my beloved WFNX.  Their records (and those of their Twin Cities neighbors Husker Du) guided me away from the slick pop my peers loved and piqued my interest in what had then been termed “college rock”.  By the time college rock morphed into the more mainstream “alternative rock”, the Replacements had split, Nirvana ruled, and Pacific Northwest bands like Soundgarden and Alice in Chains colonized the left of the dial for meatheads and frat boys.


Gorman Bechard’s documentary Color Me Obsessed inspired me to listen to their records again, but just when I thought I’d never get to see them live, they booked a show at the semi-annual music festival Boston Calling.  My childhood dream, fulfilled.


As a bonus, here’s a clip of Lorde singing “Swingin’ Party”.  You think Paul and Ella will sing this as a duet?


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