WIP Wednesday, 18 Sept 2013: Bitter Sweetheart

WIP Wednesday, 18 Sept 2013: Bitter Sweetheart

Sweetheart Sweater (from Stitch & Bitch Superstar Knitting)
Berrocco Remix
Purchased at Windsor Button
No mods
About 75% done
Modeled by Lucy Van Pelt


WIP Wednesday: 4 September 2013

These socks had been in the WIP pile for far too long.  ImageI started working on them on the train back from the North Shore Yarn Crawl this year.  The yarn (Toil & Trouble) was wonderful to work with, but I think I got distracted by something bright and shiny and back-burnered these. 


ImageThe heart pattern was a little hard to follow.  When I get to the pattern on the next sock, I may use a variation on the pattern for my own sanity.  Good thing variegated yarn covers a host of sins…