Podcasts, punk, and purls

ImageI’ve been playing with the idea of maybe, at some point in the near future, starting a podcast devoted to knitting, punk rock, and old movies.  

This might sound like an eclectic set of interests that wouldn’t get their due in a weekly or monthly podcast, but bear with me.  Over the past year or so, I’ve become a podcast junkie — I frequently listen to them on my walks to and from the T each morning.  My favorite podcasts are those that cover both knitting and geek culture, since knitting-only podcasts are kind of dry.  On my favorites, the hosts’ enthusiasm for comic books, superhero movies, Joss Whedon, and Doctor Who can carry me through my glancing knowledge of the subject matter.  

That said, I’d been secretly wishing for a podcast that might cover the subject matter that makes my inner geek squee.  Nothing inspires me to greater, more obsessive enthusiasm than classic films and punk/indie/alternative/”college rock” music.  The aesthetic common ground isn’t as far removed as one might think: handknits and movies have been synonymous since Lana Turner‘s day; punk icons like Exene Cervenka, Patti Smith, and Joe Strummer drew inspiration from classic film, and Johnny Rotten was known to enjoy a good sweater.  On a personal level, the DIY ethos of punk rock inspired me creatively and politically, and while I’m not as radical as I was in my youth, I still carry the “go start your own band” mentality with me to this day.  

I’m not ready to do this, like, tomorrow.  There’s the possibility that this could be a passing fancy borne from my frustration with the current state of my novel.  However, it could also be an idea whose time has come.  I’m looking into what goes into recording a pocast, so we’ll see.  

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