At long last…FO Friday, 21 June 2013

ImageEarlier this week I bound off the last stitch on my Miss Holloway (Raveled) dress.  What a relief!  I thought it would never end.  All that purling! 

When I cast on for this dress, I asked in an internet forum about whether anyone had knit this in the round.  As if on cue, a seaming enthusiast came out of the woodwork to tell me “oh, the designer usually makes things in the round, and seams stabilize a garment, and you should really knit this flat because of reasons”.  And, well, those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by someone doing it. 

ImageTo replicate seams I slipped the stitches on the far left and right of each side.  I worked the traveling cables with 12 rows between them.  Instead of bust darts, I did work a “butt vent” — a series of short rows over, well, the obvious part of my anatomy, to accomodate my swayback.  Because of the cable placement I worked the increases and decreases close to the side “seams”. 

I knit this from worsted weight yarn, which is heavier than what Sarah Wilson used in her samples.  This meant that I had to knit the XS size.  I had to rip back the back neckline a few times to get the right width.  The only thing I don’t love about this is that I have a slight dropped shoulder with the sleeves.  Apart from that, I love this dress. 


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