Piensalo Bien: WIP Weds, 6/19/13

True to form, I’m working more than one project.  Also true to form: Because I’m making one of those projects for a swap partner, I can’t post it yet.  (I also don’t know if it counts as a true WIP, since I’m in the advanced stages of completion.  But anyway.)  



Ladies and gentlemen, behold my current WIP: Nachtfalder  (Raveled) from the summer Holla Knits collection.   Knit with the Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo I picked up for a song at Cranberry Fiber Arts in Hamilton, on my DIY Yarn Crawl with Nicole.  I’m jokingly calling it Piensalo Bien (“think well”) after a quote from, yup, Carla Morrison, as a way to remind myself to think well when I knit the lace portion of the sweater.  

My gauge came out smaller than I’d expected.  After doing some quick math I decided to make the large instead of the medium.  I’m about 30% through the mock cable waist section. 

4 thoughts on “Piensalo Bien: WIP Weds, 6/19/13

    • I just started watching ‘Doctor Who’ as preparation for an article about knitters who are also fans of the show. And then I got sucked in. (I’m trying to get Gentleman Caller to dress like Ten, but so far he is resistant.) What do you think of Eleven? I just got his first season from the library. 😀

      • I hope I’m not spamming your blog with comments… 😉
        Eleven is my favorite 🙂 He was the first Doctor I saw, and he is forever my Doctor, though I think David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston are equally good.

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