WIP Wednesday: 5 June 2013

Remember back when I basically had a FO every Friday?  Yeah, that was awesome.  I’m still elbow-deep in WIPs, with seemingly no end in sight.  





Working on Miss Holloway.  Still.  Every time I pull her out of my WIP tote, I feel a sense of despair.  Thoughts run through my mind like: “This?  Still?” and “How much more reverse stockinette can one girl knit?”  I tried this on the other night, right before I started working on the current cable, and it was a non-indecent length.  The good news is that after two days of working this cable repeat (see also: despair at purling this %$#@&^?!! thing), I’m almost done with that part of it.  My goal is to complete this in time for the happy solstice fun times at the Peabody Museum.  


With my other project, I am delighted to report that I am less than ten pattern repeats from completing it.  The sad news is, I can’t post an image for at least another week.  I’m working on a swap package for the lovely and talented Tiff Van Goethem.  Our theme is movies adapted from books, and I learned through internet stalking that we share an enthusiasm for a certain series of books.  This pattern comes from an ebook inspired by that series.    My goal today is to complete five pattern repeats today and five tomorrow so I can get this in the mail by Friday.  



Orange (well, silver-based coral) and teal.  How very cinematic of me.  

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