At long last…FO Friday, 21 June 2013

ImageEarlier this week I bound off the last stitch on my Miss Holloway (Raveled) dress.  What a relief!  I thought it would never end.  All that purling! 

When I cast on for this dress, I asked in an internet forum about whether anyone had knit this in the round.  As if on cue, a seaming enthusiast came out of the woodwork to tell me “oh, the designer usually makes things in the round, and seams stabilize a garment, and you should really knit this flat because of reasons”.  And, well, those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by someone doing it. 

ImageTo replicate seams I slipped the stitches on the far left and right of each side.  I worked the traveling cables with 12 rows between them.  Instead of bust darts, I did work a “butt vent” — a series of short rows over, well, the obvious part of my anatomy, to accomodate my swayback.  Because of the cable placement I worked the increases and decreases close to the side “seams”. 

I knit this from worsted weight yarn, which is heavier than what Sarah Wilson used in her samples.  This meant that I had to knit the XS size.  I had to rip back the back neckline a few times to get the right width.  The only thing I don’t love about this is that I have a slight dropped shoulder with the sleeves.  Apart from that, I love this dress. 



What should I make?

I started doing the Cold Sheep program — yarn fasting, basically — at the start of this month.  My goal is to save up enough money to buy this dress.  



When Nicole took me out on my yarn crawl this year, I bought four skeins of Frog Tree Pediboo, with the intention of knitting Stonecutter from the current Interweave Knits.  



This is hardly the first thing in my queue and I’m still mulling it over.  My main concern is that it would become a closet orphan, and that I’d only ever wear it under this dress.  Given my advanced age, I’m also worried that I’d look like “mutton dressed as lamb” if I were to wear it with anything else.  (Even during my lame attempt at a goth phase I never had a net shirt.)  

I know I’d like a lacy pullover to wear with that dress, but thus far Ravelry has turned up some near-misses.  This one comes the closest to what I’m looking for, but I lack Jett’s ability to rewrite the pattern into a top-down lace top.  (Also, what drug was Amy Herzog on that she thought seaming a lace top was a good idea?)  

So, reader(s)…what do you advise?  Should I make Stonecutter, or is there another pattern for a lacy pullover that might be more versatile?  I’m all ears (and all Addis)!  

Piensalo Bien: WIP Weds, 6/19/13

True to form, I’m working more than one project.  Also true to form: Because I’m making one of those projects for a swap partner, I can’t post it yet.  (I also don’t know if it counts as a true WIP, since I’m in the advanced stages of completion.  But anyway.)  



Ladies and gentlemen, behold my current WIP: Nachtfalder  (Raveled) from the summer Holla Knits collection.   Knit with the Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo I picked up for a song at Cranberry Fiber Arts in Hamilton, on my DIY Yarn Crawl with Nicole.  I’m jokingly calling it Piensalo Bien (“think well”) after a quote from, yup, Carla Morrison, as a way to remind myself to think well when I knit the lace portion of the sweater.  

My gauge came out smaller than I’d expected.  After doing some quick math I decided to make the large instead of the medium.  I’m about 30% through the mock cable waist section. 

It arrived! It arrived!

Last week, I sent off a swap package to Tiffany Van G., my partner for the Movies Adapted From Books swap on the Ravelry group Nerdy Swaps.  When I came home last night, the package she sent me was waiting on the kitchen table. 



In the note she included, Tiffany mentioned that the swap was themed more around my love of sassy period films than around a particular movie.  That said, she stalked me but good.  From left, my package included: a gorgeous teal capelet that matches a few of my dresses perfectly; a squishy skein of Cascade 220 that I will probably use to make a pair of TARDIS mitts; some nomtastic shortbread; some embroidery notions, and some of those heart-shaped stitch markers that I love so much. 


Thank you so much for making this a great swap! 

TWOFER: FO Friday, 14 June 2013



Last week, I finished knitting something for a new friend as part of a knit swap.  



The theme of our swap was “movies inspired by books”, and it turned out that she and I both loved a certain trilogy.  


Once I saw that she had a garter-stitch shawl in her queue, I knew what to make her. I cast on while we rode a bus to Hyannis, but it took me a few weeks to finish the damned thing.  


Earlier this week, she got the shawl…and you know what?  


She liked it.  

I also (nominally) finished something I made for myself.  


I say “nominally” because I still need to weave in the ends and block it.  Still trying to figure out if I should make the button tab or not — I’ve got a whoooooooooooole lot of yarn left over.  


Since the bottom of the collar also curls up, I may want to tack that down as well.  

Action pictures to follow…

Almost Done! WIP Wednesday, 6/12/13

I have no fewer than three WIPs going, four if you count the Nachtfalder for which I swatched yesterday.  One of my WIPs is for a swap, and I can’t show it to you yet.  As for the other two…


ImageSo this is the Sangria Shrug.  If this hadn’t outgrown my bag I might have have finished it by now.  I’m on the second button band and should finish this tonight or tomorrow.  Hoping for an FO in time for FO Friday…


ImageI started the first sleeve on Saturday while watching Science is Fiction, a series of short films from the 1920s that Yo La Tengo scored.  This is temporarily on the back burner while I complete the shrug, but I should have this done in time for next Friday!