Cold Sheep WIP Smackdown, 5/24-27

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on two projects.  Miss Holloway, the sweater dress, is my home WIP that I knit while I’m watching Doctor Who, and the Sangria Shrug is what I knit when I’m on the bus and subway.  ImageThis weekend, I decided to try and polish off this particular WIP, since I’m pretty close to completing it.  Sadly, I ran out of yarn before I got to the collar and bottom band.  Provided the extra two skeins arrive next week (like they’re supposed to, grumble grumble), this should be bound off and ready to wear by next weekend.  I hope I hope I hope. 


My Sangria Shrug is knit from Katie Canavan’s Julep Jacket.  I’m working with six skeins of Classic Elite Verde Woodlands in Red Grape that had been marinating in my stash for almost a year.  I knit this in a 40″ size (so I could wear it over blouses).  Modifications: shorter length; crochet cast-on for the hem (and will be knitting that in a smaller needle size).  


The Julep Jacket was the pattern that inspired me to subscribe to the summer Holla Knits collection.  I worked with this particular yarn because I love Woodland and wanted something I could throw on when the office was chilly.  This burgundy color pops up a lot in my wardrobe and I thought it would play nicely with others.  A few days after I cast on, I found this photo:



…which is an interesting coincidence.  Carla will be playing Boston in July…would it be awkward if we showed up wearing the same shrug? 

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