WIP Weds, 5/22/13: Miss Holloway’s Dress

ImageMiss Holloway’s Dress

Designed by Sarah Wilson

Knit with Reynolds Fifth Avenue

Size XS (see notes)

I’m a big fan of the up-and-coming singer/songwriter Carla Morrison, but writing about her style feels reductive and a little insulting when you consider all the awesome things she’s done.  She’s released two albums of beautiful and poignant music, she’s collaborated with some badass female musicians, and she’s politically active for gay rights and suffrage in her home country, Mexico.  That said, I love her personal style — she looks classy and adorable in her uniform of tunics, leggings, and ballet flats. 


When I saw the Miss Holloway pattern, the flat knitting scared me off, until I read some of the modifications on Ravelry.  The coral-colored silk/wool I acquired at a destash party made me think of Carla’s dress from the “Una Salida” video, and off I went to swatch and cast on. 


Because I’m working with heavier yarn, I’m knitting the XS size, and I cast on fewer stitches for the back.  So far I’ve made the yoke, joined for knitting in the round, worked the waist decreases, and done two cable pattern repeats.  This is my mindless ‘Doctor Who’ knitting, and I’m hoping it will be complete within the next week or two. 

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